About me...

Oh my stars, I love reading about other people, but who really wants to hear about me?  Well, I guess you're here, so here goes.

If you want the basic All About Me, check out my IMDB page.  But if you want to delve a little bit more deeply into the goings on of Jessica Leigh Smith, then you are in the right place.

As an actress, I love most the high of being lost in the moment. But I also like to learn, so classes and delving into new characters are fun. And I have a blast in improv with a great partner.

As a producer, I am working on my first theatrical release, The Sunday Lady, and am launching Season One of own web series, called Alyssa's Tips for Easy Parenting. If you click on the New Projects button, you'll find more information on these.

My first producing project was a web series called The Dinner Project. We put actors and casting directors together for dinner and conversation. We were honored in 2015 with a nomination for best web series at the Georgia Entertainment Gala. I have stepped away from this project, but it remains in the very capable hands of the other two producers.

You'll also find here my discontinued blog. I started it because I do enjoy the process and I always think I have something to say (some sarcasm here).  I wondered, what in heck could I write about that isn't already overdone? I mean, I'm a mom, but how many blogs are there already about being a mom? I'm an actress, but how many blogs are there...you get the picture.

Then I thought about the old adage "Write what you know." What do I know? T.V.!! When I was a little girl, I had the entire Sunday's paper TV guide memorized, even the shows I didn't watch. I watched anything I was allowed to watch. And if anyone got in my way, oh boy, watch out. 

Please rest assured, I was and still am a voracious reader. I also grew up playing softball and basketball, so T.V. wasn't my ENTIRE life.

Anywho, the blog section of this website is about t.v., about the shows I watched while growing up. It doesn't have any life lessons, like how I learned about treating my sisters nicely by watching Marcia, Jan and Cindy all get along so well. Basically, it was just a forum for me to say what I wanted to say.

In keeping with my T.V. theme, I felt like I needed a theme song---did I mention I love theme songs? Check out the little arrow beside my name.  You'll hear a cute little diddy written by a friend, just for me. 

If you would like to know anything more about me, feel free to contact me through this site. Let's work together!